Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Pure Chai

So I love Chai teas and tea lattes. If it has "chai" in the title, I'll probably have some.

So when I got the DavidsTea Pure Chai, I was really excited! I was excited to be brewing it in milk on the stove, to be brewing it and adding eggnog and basically never having to leave my house for a Starbucks Chai Tea Latte with Eggnog  chai based beverages.

But DavidsTea, although your pure chai SMELLS amazing, it's game is WEAK.

I'm not going to post every single time and way I tried this to make it work, I honestly didn't take that many pictures.

I tried going straight in milk (skim milk), two cups of milk, 2 tbsp of chai. Not strong enough.
I tried going straight into light eggnog. Not strong enough.
I tried 3 tbsp of chai, steeped in about 1 cup of boiling water, with some eggnog added...it was CLOSE to being strong enough, but it had a weird aftertaste, almost dusty.

Will I buy it again? No. It's far, far too weak.
It tastes good when brewed directly in milk, but it is so pathetically weak.

If you haven't noticed this was made when eggnog was available. In December. This is posting in March. Shhhhh

Ignore my lies


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