Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Long Life Oolong

Today's post is Long Life Oolong by DavidsTea (Organic Shui Xian oolong tea, peach pieces, apricot pieces, almond slices, orange peel, safflower petals, natural and artificial flavouring)

I'm steeping this little bugger how all Oolongs should! NUMEROUS TIMES.

So, I started off boiling the water on my tea kettles 'oolong' setting (190F), then into my pot I scooped two spoonfuls with my David's Perfect Spoon (because this tea has just as much fruit/nut in it as tea leaf itself) straight into the pot I use specifically for Oolongs (it has a mini strainer in it, so it catches most of the tea). No other pot will do!

On the first steep the Oolong sticks out the most, with a slightly peachy aftertaste. The almonds are lost in the first steep. It smells fantastic. Like dried peaches. Looking forward to the next steep! It can only get better!

The second steep is so much better. The Oolong is much lighter and less imposing, which allows the peaches to poke through a bit more. If the first steep could be exactly like the second steep, then it would be perfect.

But, in my opinion, the point of a good Oolong is to not only enjoy many cups, but to enjoy many cups with friends. You don't make a quick cup to go, you make a pot over conversation, then another pot.

I never got to a third steep because I don't think I physically could drink 12 cups of tea in one sitting.

All in all, I say if you like peaches, you may be a bit underwhelmed on peachy flavor, but...just add a few extra dried peach bits to your tin?

Overall, a pleasurable experience that was brought to me by Zachs family for Christmas.


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