Thursday, 20 March 2014

Coconut Oolong

Coconut Oolong from DavidsTea
Ingredients: Pao Zhong oolong tea, coconut, artificial coconut flavouring.
(Can I just say how hilarious I find it that the label ACTUALLY says "contains coconut"?! NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!)
Oh, damn. I did it again. Grabbed a tea that DavidsTea recently got rid of... sorry. I really don't plan to. I just grab something that I haven't tried yet. 

And yes. Coconut. BUT! This was actually meant to be all about the oolong.

It smells pretty good, and I have a whole tin (I bought it for my mum but she was all: "I have too much tea already") so I figred I should give this tea a go.

And now this entire floor of the house that I'm drinking this on smells of insanely creamy coconut. I'm pretty sure Chris is holding back his rage, because he REALLY hates coconut.  (Sorry, babe)

It basically tastes like watered down coconut milk... I guess... Or maybe someone made a tea of coconut oil. The flavour is INSANELY intense. And though I enjoy that it is a super creamy coconut taste, I really wanted to taste more of the oolong.
Going half/half milk oolong were I ever in a super coconut-ty mood, would be totally fantastic. But alone, this tea is just too much for someone who isn't a huge fan of coconut.

I said coconut A LOT in this post. Yikes.
Well, that's about all I have to say. This tea makes one hell of a perfume! And if you love coconut (shit, I did it again!), you will definitely love this and should try and track some down, if you can.

Happy Steeping, and happy spring-but-not-really-spring,


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