Thursday, 6 March 2014

Green Seduction

Green Seduction from DavidsTea

Inredients: Organic: green tea, black tea, green rooibos, rosehips, pomegranate arils. With natural flavouring 

This tea smells so lovely, like sweet pomegranates and fresh green tea leaves. I am a big fan of everything rosehip (it is SO good for you, especially your skin) and pomegranates are pretty awesome. Seductive...? We shall see.

Steeped between 3-4 minutes. I got excited and poured my water before waiting for the minute to change to start new. (I should just used a timer, honestly, Kayla... get your shit together). It smells so good!

Even though it smells super sweet, I was a bit shocked (mostly due to DT's slight obsession with everything being sweet) to find that it was perfectly balanced. I feel like I can actually taste everything; the green, the black, the pomegranate, even the rosehip (though that is the hardest to detect). 

It isn't sweet, it isn't bitter and will stay that way so long as you keep around the three minute mark... It's kind of perfect. Pomegranate and green tea are just a great match, and I'm really impressed.

Well, I keep getting distracted by watching/listening to Let it Go over and over and ovvveerr again on youtubes.... so, that's all!
This tea is super delicious!

Happy Steeping,


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