Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Organic Detox

*If you can't handle talk of bodily functions, do not read past this. You have been warned.

So, we all know the winter months are basically time to eat nothing but desserts and rich yummy food.

Fancy kettle
But, with that rich food, extra sugar, extra yummy-ness comes some unfortunate side-effects for many of us. I get canker sores and break out something horrible. Also, sometimes my digestion doesn't agree with extra fatty or rich foods.
Being held up with a shoulder injury, keeping me from having my fun gym time/steam room time, hasn't helped at all. So I am breaking out and have a painful canker sore inside my left cheek. Also, some diarrhea this past week hasn't made me feel super great. So, starting December 30th (yes, I pre-typed this on the 31st), I've been enjoying my detox tea from DavidsTea.

Before I got my fancy tea kettle from my wonderful MIL-to-be, I wasn't too fond of this tea. It tasted bitter and kinda gross. But after...oh man. AFTER, this tea is beautiful. Being steeped for the right amount of time AND the right temperature made all the difference for me.

I use one of DavidsTea perfect spoon, which I got from my lovely tea sister, Kayla for Christmas!) I steep it for about 3 minutes, over a minute less than what the tin says, and on the 'green tea' setting on my tea kettle (175 F). Then, I let it sit under Stanley (my tea cozy, which I got for Christmas from here) for a few minutes, until I want a cup.

It tastes smooth and earthy, and you can taste a hint of juniper berry popping through. The smoothness of the rooibos and the green tea just sing for me. I can't really taste the ginger, which is nice since honestly, if I wanted to taste ginger I'd have a ginger tea.

I drink about 3 to 4 cups of the stuff a night. After one night my facial acne is clearing up, the acne between my boobs is a little better, but my shoulders are about the same. My digestion is working on it.

Warning, you will pee and probably have a bowel movement within 12 hours of drinking it. Not diarrhea though.

Much love and digestion congestion corrections!


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