Thursday, 9 January 2014

A farewell to eggnog... Oh, and Tazo's chai mix

a match made in heaven

I will admit that I am a sucker for chai lattes from Starbucks, and I was always sad that I had to pay four dollars every time I was craving one because I had no clue how to make one. Then, my mum and I spotted this on Christmas Eve while popping in to Starbucks for eggnog chai lattes before work...
Needless to say I got two.

This stuff is PERFECT.
Half milk (or eggnog) and half Tazo, heat on the stove - don't nuke it, microwaves ruin the flavour of milk products. That's all there is to it for a perfect chai latte.

And the mix has a much better spice to it than what you get from the baristas (they totally rip you off by adding water instead of using just milk or eggnog (THE SCANDAL!) So it is even more delicious than what you may be used to!!

And the ingredients are surprisingly simple, I am impressed. (Yeah, I expected it to be chalk-full of disgusting additives and shit, but it really isn't)

I'm going to miss having eggnog SO much.

But at least I know how I can enjoy a regular chai latte at home now. FOR SIX DOLLARS!!
So, it is a waaaaaaaay better deal than just going to the store for a cup. Amazing

yay, goofy pictures
Happy... mixing!


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