Friday, 17 January 2014

Deconstruct the Yuck

So, this is sorta kinda unrelated to tea, but it looks like it will be a really good read! That, and I simply felt like sharing. I DO WHAT I WANT, and this counts as "extra stuff".

Deconstruct the Yuck is a blog being run by two ladies, one a full time mom, the other a mom who also works outside of the home.

I was shown the blog by Meagan when she came into the clinic. Listening to her talk about it made me really, really want to read it!

After quickly looking over the site, and their Monthly Challenges Menu, I thought that, 1) if I was as interested as I am, then you guys would probably want to take a gander (with a cuppa of course!) and 2) lots of the topics on there could end up involving tea in some way.
Have too much tea, and reluctant to get rid of the ones you KNOW you won't drink any more of (guilty!), then I have a feeling, reading Deconstruct the Yuck could help.

Also, we know that running a blog can be hard work, and nothing feels better than reaching people and knowing you made even a TINY difference in their lives! (Hey, I know I personally feel amazing when someone leaves a comment saying they tried the Pumpkin Chai Milkshake or the Pumpkin Chai French Toast and they loved it! I made someones day a little bit happier in a way. That makes me happy.)

So read the blog, I know I will. I may even go through my tea horde and get rid of stuff I have reviewed and don't want. Maybe.

Keep on steeping!


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  1. Thanks so much for telling your fans about us Laura! We really appreciate the support! And, hopefully, our blog may inspire some of you to take on your own challenges this year!


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