Thursday, 19 September 2013


Dragonwell from DavidsTea

Green tea from West Lake Region, Hangzhou area, Zhejiang province, China.

On Monday my younger brother -who is the best, ever!- surprised me with the Just the Leaf collection from DavidsTea. A collection of eight straight teas -of which I only had one- with about two perfect spoonfuls per container.  The teas they have selected for this collection are: Japanese Sencha, Dragonwell, Orange Pekoe, Quangzhao Milk Oolong (the one I have), Kenyan Tinderet, Nepal Black, Assam Banaspaty, and White Peony.
Collections are a lovely way of getting to try a bunch without breaking the bank. $20 for two cups worth of each tea compared to the $68 it would cost to buy 50grams of each when you may not be sure if you will enjoy them. It's great!

So, obviously, I had trouble choosing.... Laura ended up choosing for me, and thought I should keep with the Dragon theme. (I suppose it isn't really a theme... but whatever!) So, here it is.

 I steeped a perfect spoonful (I always use a perfect spoonful; I LOVE this spoon) for about 3-4 minutes. Yes, inacurate guess. I was running around like a psycho looking for my stupid camera, which I couldn't find and had to use my phone. But this 3-4 minute range was perfect!

Very familiar flavour. For one, it tastes exactly like rose congou green without all the rose gunk in it. Second, this amazing little sushi place right around the corner always has this tea ready -hot or cold- for patrons to fill their cups again and again and again! So, naturally, all I could think about was sushi while drinking this, even though I usually don't drink the tea when I'm there.

Super simple tea. Grassy aroma with a smidge of seaweed (and I mean smidge; it does not smell like dead fish or anything). I closed my eyes and as I sipped, I imagined myself sitting on the grass on a wash summer's day as said grass is mowed around me. And the second infusion (which was only for about 30 seconds) tasted even better, adds a bit of sweetness.

I wouldn't recommend this to those who like their teas on the sweeter side. Well, of course i recommend trying everything. So, order the smallest amount possible, or go to your local DavidsTea and buy a brewed cup to go first. Try, try! Or get this collection, it makes a great gift, even if it is just for yourself - we all need a treat now and again ;) .

That's all for now.

Happy Steeping!

P.S     Unfortunately, I mmaayyy be allergic to this tea. As I broke out in a nasty rash that itches like hell on my legs when I first tried the rose congou green that never really went away. Then, ten minutes or so after drinking half of my cup of Dragonwell, it came back with a vengeance.
I will be testing this theory this weekend and update on it. Being allergic to tea would be a terrible tragedy.

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