Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Matcha Matsu...

...Banana smilkshake/ice cream!
 This shit is bananas, B.A.N.A N.A.S.

I'm not kidding it's amazingly good and I love it. Which is why it's the last of my love month reviews. Because I am literally in love with this.

I froze two bananas (which for one person is too much if you just want to make a milkshake, if you want left overs for ice cream or have two people or second helpings, then it is perfect). Once frozen (but not frozen like a brick), I plopped them in the food processor (sorry blender, ya'll just can't handle frozen bananas).
Once in the processor, I pulsed them until it was pre-puree stage. Then I added in my milk and blended until smooth. Start off with a small amount of milk and slowly add more.
After it was smooth, I added in some matcha. For me, I added about a table-spoon. But like with the milk, start slow and add in until you like the flavor.

Once I got it to the consistency I wanted (basically a milkshake), I simply poured and drank.

And don't worry about it melting, because the more it melts, the more smooth and silky it gets. Just make sure to drink it before it's warm, because warm probably wouldn't be the best.

As for the ice cream, it tasted just as amazing.

Make this. Drink this. Turn it into an ice cream and eat this.

Happy creating,


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