Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Bear Valley Feature Horse: Beth


Picture 1: Beth July 
Bethie's life story has not been an easy one. Even when she came to the rescue on July 9th, 2014, she was in horrible shape and her prognosis was pretty grim. When she came to the shelter, she had a body conditioning score of about one.
She had had a h
alter left on her, probably from when she was a weanling, and it grew into her face, leaving a big dent in her nose and turning the hair on her head white in a halter pattern on her face.  

Picture 2: October 22nd
She had also had some sort of injury, perhaps from being hit by a car, to her hips, causing either a fracture or muscle tear.  She was emaciated and had sores, most likely from struggling to stand. A horse who cannot stand is often a horse that doesn't survive. This was the first clue to how much of a survivor she would end up becoming.
She has grown stronger every day, and always maintained a sweet and gentle temperament. She is currently now able to be outside with the senior horses, can get up on her own! It will be a long road before she is recovered, but we believe, I believe, she can and will do it. 

Here is her progress photo album!

Jan 23rd

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