Friday, 6 February 2015

Chocolate Chili Chai

Ingredients: Black tea, chocolate bits, red peppercorns, lily petals, aleppo chili, ancho chili, natural and artificial flavouring

This tea just reaks of chocolate.

Even my boyfriend asked me what the hell I was making because he thought I was making hot chocolate when I told him I needed to write this blog tonight.
I wouldn't say that it smells like hot chocolate. I can't say what kind of chocolate, but definitely something on the darker side, almost that fake chocolate smell.

That's another big NOPE. Second in a row.

I DO NOT understand how this is a fan favourite at DavidsTea. It tastes like drinking a chocolate scented candle that has chili powder lightly seasoning it.
Chili inside an actual creamy hot chocolate sounds like a novel concept that I really really want to try... but this... this is awful.

It tastes so fake and I am super glad that I this was a sample that I didn't spend money on.

I don't get this one.

Happy Steeping,

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