Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Bear Valley Feature Horse: Ghost

This is Ghost in 2005. Such a beauty!
Note, she is not pregnant

Ghost is a horse near and dear to my heart. I sponsor her as much as possible (I sadly can't do a monthly sponsor due to finances). The first time I saw her, it was love. Seeing her before and after pictures, and her story just solidified it.

Ghost is about 15 years old (which isn't all that old for a horse! They can live until over 30!). She was originally rescued in 2005 from a feedlot (yes, horses are sold for slaughter in Alberta. For meat. Meat to be sold to eat in other countries. It is not legal to sell horse meat in Canada to Canadians), and then two years later she was adopted. You may be wondering, why, if she was adopted out 8 years ago is she back with Bear Valley now?

This is Ghost January 2015. She's pregnant.

Assholes. That's why.

She was sold by her adoptive owner, and she has, in her relatively short life, passed hands SEVEN TIMES, and, since being adopted out, been bred multiple times. Let me fill you in on some of Bear Valley's adoption rules.

Unless written consent is given by Bear Valley Rescue, mares are adopted or fostered on the condition that they not be bred. Colts are released on the condition they must be gelded as soon as possible and not be used for breeding. 

Please note that if ownership of the horse is transferred, these conditions must follow the horse to its new home.

Horses adopted or fostered from Bear Valley Rescue are released on the condition that they never be sold at auction or for slaughter.

Bear Valley also is always open to taking back a horse they adopted out, if it's adoptive owners can no longer care for it properly anymore.

She was bred without permission, the conditions of ownership managed to be ignored. Currently, she is going to remain a permanent residence of the rescue. 

She is currently expecting a foal, probably sometime in April 2015. 

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