Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Green Seduction

Oki Doki! Green Seduction from DavidsTea!

Let me tell you, I was NOT seduced by this tea. It smelled vaguely like pomegranates, if they weren't the freshest, and it was really quite bitter.

I brewed it as I would any green tea - a short steeping time and lower temperature, but it was still pretty blah and pretty bitter.

I think was it was missing was something to sweeten it, like some apples or something like that. Because it was just so... one noted and bitter.

Blaaaah. 3/10, would not do again.



  1. I've used this tea to flavour a glass of white wine. It worked pretty well, and you don't have to do it long, as it's a pretty strong scented tea. If you still have some left over, I'd recommend using it that way :)

    1. I love trying infusion things with tea! Unfortunately, I really hate wine.
      I wonder if Laura would like this idea


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