Thursday, 13 August 2015

14 Day GREEN TEA WEIGHTLOSS?! Challenge - Day 1

It has been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN (mmmm, gotta love that phrase) that green tea does aid weightloss!

As someone who has recently started to gain more weight than I ever have before (for no damn reason other than hormones... stupid hormones... getting old... grr) I figured I would put this to the test!

For the next fourteen days I will -attempt to- consume 6-7 cups (the scientifically determined amount from the study, which used extract in capsule form - but drinking tea is so much more pleasant) of green tea every day!!!

Tea of choice: Rose Congou Green from DavidsTea. Green tea from China with rosehips and rose petals.
Mostly because I have a TON of it (250 grams - no idea how that happened), but also because rosehips are super good for you and help with digestion!

I am going to make it cold in a big jug in the fridge for at home drinking, then take a bag to work every day (which I should get 2-4 cups out of) to drink hot. a little of each world.

My prediction: I will have to pee a lot... and might  lose some appearance of cellulite on my thighs/butt.

No before/after pictures until the end.

I will do a half way pint update next Friday!
Until then,

Happy steeping!
And wish me luck!


Challenge begins tomorrow morning - AUGUST 14

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