Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Brecilian Forest: Nettle Leaf

Maiming and killing things
The Brecilian Forest is a dangerous place, full of things that can main and/or kill you. Much like Nettle Leaf from DavidsTea!
I kid, but this tea is hella bitter. Like, it is super good for you, but it tastes like shit. Smelling it can cause you in inhale nettle, which can sting a bit, but it tastes how it smells.

Weird and slightly off putting. Like...it's just so...weird. IT TASTES GOOD FOR YOU. AND NOT IN THE GOOD WAY.

I've been putting off actually steeping the tea to review. I started typing this like...2 weeks before I drank it. The blog says yes, the taste buds say noooooooooooooooooooooooo. SO I DID IT ON HALLOWEEN. Very spoopy. Just like this tea.
Yup. Just as gross as I remember.

If this tea were in the game, I'd give it the the Dahlish in the supply crates at camp. It would strengthen them, and keep it faaaaaaaaar away from me. DWARVES NEED HEARTIER THINGS (read: something that doesn't taste gross).

And yes, Alistair and my Warden are a couple now. A loving, caring couple. I GOT MY ROSE MOTHER FUCKERS.

Hunting for Andraste's Ashes,


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