Friday, 14 November 2014

Kenyan Tinderet

Black tea from the Tinderet Estate in Kenya. 

This is a very strange looking tea. Like tinny little balls that resemble bird seed - Yoshi certainly seemed to think so.

DavidsTea recommended 4-7 minutes for steeping. I had to stop at three minutes because it was looking incredibly dark and I really did not want something too strong.

This is a very robust tea. Take it slow on the steeping, I would recommend even starting with one minute. It reminds me of orange pekoe, if it had been steeped for about ten minutes. There is a very slight hint of honey, but it is by no means sweet. Incredibly earthy.

If you want a kick in the ass of caffeine from your tea, this is definitely something to give a try.

I really don't think that this tea is for me, it is just too strong, but some people may really be in to that.

Happy Steeping,


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