Saturday, 4 July 2015

Vanilla Matcha

Ingredients: Coconut nectar, matcha green tea, natural vanilla flavouring

I think that this is an excellent way to introduce someone gently in to the world of matcha.

It is incredibly mild; a very gentle flavour of matcha, sweetened slightly with some creamy hint of vanilla.
I was expecting something rather potent, in both the matcha and vanilla categories, but was pleasantly surprised.

The flavour is almost spot-on to matcha pocky!

I think that next time I will be using a little bit more powder so I can get more flavour.
It's a bit bland in a regular serving for someone who really enjoys regular matcha.

Short and sweet.
I was able to write a hot tea review because I woke up insanely early, so it is not yet blistering hot outside.
I've been sticking mostly to water the last two weeks.

I promise to try harder. I have some birthday money to spend on some o DT's new iced tea flavours.
I'm pretty excited for electric lemonade!

Happy Steeping,


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