Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Liebster Award

So, we were nominated for this award by one of our longtime readers, John B. He writes Tea in the Ancient World, go read it. I know this took along time but I, Laura, forgot all about it. I even forgot to tell Kayla because I DID AN OOPS.

This award is for new blogs with less than 200 followers. Mainly, it looks like a team building, blog sharing, tool for world domination through tea drinkers.

So, we'll both answer the questions  (some of our answers may be the same)and then make some for others! And because John wrote out the background, check his blog for the links to that!

Questions for Nominees: 

  1. What is it about your blog subject that is so compelling?
    Laura: Us, by far, our stunning personalities make everything better.
    Kayla: I would have to agree with Laura. We aren't very technical and we just let our thoughts flow.
  2. Favourite tea?
    Laura: Oolongs or Rooibos. Oolongs mainly on their second steep, and rooibos because they are yummy and such.
    Kayla: I love oolongs. Milk oolong is probably my favourite. Oh, and black jasmine pearls are my other go-to.
  3. What's the furthest from 'home' you've ever travelled? 
    Laura: Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands
    Kayla: Hawaii and the Dominican Republic
  4. What's one thing Thailand is famous for, other than food?
    Kayla: I don't know much about Thailand... but my guess is... tea? haha
    Laura: Thai massage?
  5. Guess your bench press
    Kayla: I have a bad rotator cuff and intercostal muscle issues and carpal tunnel (I'm a hot mess)... I DO NOT bench press.
    Laura: Well, considering my left rotator cuff is buggered, I'm going to say "not much".
  6. Do you believe in ghosts?
    Kayla: Yes... but not the kind of crap where those asshats on tv claim to be hunting ghosts.
    Laura: Basically what Kayla said. Ghosts, yes. Paranormal activities/ghost hunting shit? Uh no.
  7. Are people still evolving?
    Laura: Science says yes. I'm going with science.
    Kayla: The biology of all life is ever-changing.
  8. Why can't astrologers detect dark matter?
    Kayla: I'm not Neil deGrasse Tyson! Or a scientist of any kind, for that matter... go ask a scientist!
    Laura: Dammit Jim! I'm a massage therapist/tea blogger not a astrophysicist!
  9. What historical person would you visit?
    Kayla: This is too hard... Oscar Wilde would be fun to have tea with, I suppose... Probably Jane Austen, though.
    Laura: Charlotte Bronte to discuss Jane Eyre with. 
  10. What is one thing you do that almost no one else can do?
    Kayla: There is nothing that I can do that someone else somewhere in the world can not do better than I; that's life, not cynicism. Of people I know personally...? I'm good at writing fiction? Or, if we are being philosophical or some shit... BEING ME!! ;D
    Laura: My friends think I'm hilarious, everyone else (including family) does not see my comical merit. Except, I only manage to be funny when not trying to be. Humor on purpose doesn't suit me.
  11. What did Buddha teach?
    Kayla: I am not familiar with Buddhism. Religion of any kind just isn't my bag...of tea HAHA- okay I'm done.
    Laura: Sorry bro, I have only a vague and probably stereotypical idea.


  1. NONE
  3. HAHA
  4. #LauraIsLazyAsShitBro

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