Saturday, 18 April 2015

Grand Cru Matcha + The Matcha Shaker

Matcha green tea from Nichio, Japan

Grand Cru is strong and creamy, it's an excellent matcha.
I can definitely say that matcha is something to take on slowly, it's powerful green tea flavours can be a hard thing to handle for those new to tea.
Matcha lattes are a good way to start.

The matcha shaker.

This wonderful travel mug is worth the $35 price tag, in my opinion.
It not only comes with an agitator for the matcha, but also an attachment for steeping regular tea!
The top of the mug also comes with a mesh filter for any clumps that might remain, but I did not have any problems with that.

Remember to always press the pressure release button on top so when you screw off the lid you don't have a tea-splosion. 

Tea steeper - Filter lip - Matcha agitator

Matcha Latte!
Pure delicious matcha, to the line

This mug is absolutely fantastic!
but! It can be a little difficult to get your hands on. They are very popular, and it is incredibly obvious why.

They call it the matcha shaker... what they should have called it is The Perfect Tea Mug.
I also like that it is clear. I like travel mugs where I can see my tea.

I have gushed enough about this mug...


Happy Steeping... or shaking!


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