Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Bear Valley

First things first, I'd like to say I'm having a bottle drive on May 30th!

Check here for more info.

Some Updates!

Bethie is doing fantastic! She actually trotted and almost sorta ran with the other horses in this fine weather! (There is a video on the facebook page)

Ghost, the balloon
Rosey had her foal! So adorable, the other horses were cheering her on. (A video of her baby getting bum scratches is on the facebook page)

Smudge, Voodoo, Quinten, Plume, Estelle and Rasta, have all been adopted this last month! Congrats to them, and thank you to their new parents!

Ghost still hasn't given birth. Even though she looks like a balloon. We're all amazingly curious as to who the father was (a draft?) or if there are maybe twins? Wish her luck!

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