Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Vanilla Orchid

trip selfie
Woop woop! I'm baaaaack!

Sorry this took so long to do. My jet lag was deadly this go 'round, and my trip was full of first world problems that left me feeling exhausted.
And in my first week back, I had to call in sick because I swear I was gonna die. Protip, I'm writing this review sick and sore. So pictures are not gonna happen.

So I did a tea review. Because oolong tea is always a treat, and I got lots of tea stuff for Christmas so I felt like using it.

Today's review is Vanilla Orchid by DavidsTea. I've never had this tea before, so I'm pretty excited.

This tea smells divine. Like someone slapped me in the face with vanilla pre-steeping, then after it was a beautiful not subtle yet not overbearing level.

It's a nice tea. The first sip at first made me go "whoops no 'nilla taste." Then I let it sit and I began to taste it more.

Tis good. Steep at least twice!

Now off to bed.

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