Saturday, 10 January 2015

Egg Nog Tea

Ingredients: Green rooibos, white chocolate chips, meringue powder, natural and artificial flavouring
 Contains: Milk, eggs, and soy.

First, my apologies for this being late, especially after my holiday hiatus.

I tried this tea for the first time at my best friend's house just before Christmas. She made it as a latte with eggnog, and it was pretty fantastic. Well, now I am trying it without anything added.
Unfortunately, I have left this a little late and this tea is nearly GONE. But! If you are feeling ballsy, or just have some disposable income, they are selling 250g for 40% off online, and I'm sure the DavidsTea stores may still have it in stock.

I steeped until the chocolate was melted, stirring twice during the process.
This tea smells excellent. Well, if you are a fan of eggnog, and if you know me, well! I LOVE eggnog.

It looks positively unappetising, with a strange, murky orange sort of colouring, but don't let that throw you off. It's simply the chocolate giving it that dirty-water sort of look.

High in spices, I can't say that I really tastes the chocolate (which there was a generous helping of), and it reminds me more of a weak chai that has had the smallest wisp of milk added to it.

It really isn't a terrible flavour at all, but I definitely prefer it as a latte. It certainly tastes like it was meant to be made with generous helpings of either milk or eggnog. In which case, I would recommend going about 50-50 or 25-75 in favour of milk product, and brewing the tea really strong.

I would have to say this one is up in the air for me.
It's an interesting treat around the holidays, and really great for those who can't have eggnog or find it too rich.

I hope that everyone had a lovely holiday.

Happy Steeping, and keep warm.


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