Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Redcliff: The Earl's Garden

I picked the Earl's Garden for one main reason, and one reason only. You can easily change EARL to ARL.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to pair up a tea with Redcliff??? Arl Eamon and his issues are basically the entire level, save for the start battle with the Darkspawn.

This is basically Earl Grey tea, with strawberries/berry flavoring. It smells more like just strawberries though!
I steep this on the same temperature as a herbal tea, simply because of the strawberries. It honestly DOES taste good, but I simply wish there were MORE BERRIES. VIVA LA STRAWBERRIES. But seriously, then it would be fantastic.

Fruity Earl Grey is amazing! If you have some extra dried strawberries to add, then you'll love it. If a dwarf vote strawberries over rum, then you should go for it. I mean c'mon, how often does that happen? Just be sure to add more strawberries.

I totally scheduled it wrong. My bad.

Shut up I'm not too into this don't judge me for being a fangirl

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