Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Here is the plan

As I'm sure people who have moved, and had to paint and do all that shit before putting all of their stuff in know, moving leaves you unable to get to any of your stuff.

So, I'm going to prepare 3 weeks worth of reviews for during the move (that is what I"m doing today!), and then pre-prepare the rest of the way until the move within the next few weeks. Then I can get packing with some of my tea supplies.

As it stands I am continuously being interrupted by something house related. Whether it is dealing with the bank, talking to the real estate agent, getting home insurance set up...the dentist.

We also have to think about if we are going to need movers, and if so who and for what day. Getting all the stuff for the stuff to do the stuff.

So yeah, slightly less chaos, but still pretty chaotic. So this week, and potentially next week, I'm going to be preparing a bunch of reviews. Hopefully it won't go into next week!

Wish me luck, and sanity.


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