Saturday, 21 March 2015

White Nectarine

Ingredients: Apricot, white tea, blackberry leaves, safflowers, natural nectarine flavouring.

Before I being, I would like to take a moment to bitch about something that DavidsTea has been doing quite often... LYING! Gr!
I am so sick of a tea being named a certain thing -this one for example, White Nectarine- and then that ingredient is only a flavouring and not the actual fruit -White Nectarine's featured fruit is apricots. WHAT?! 
Their Key Lime tea did the same thing, which made me so angry I still haven't tried it.
DavidsTea, please! Stop with the flavouring and just use the ACTUAL FRUIT.

Let's begin.

I love nectarines. I will choose them a thousand times over peaches, or nearly any other fruit for a snack. I suppose it is safe to say that they are my favourite fruit. But it was not only this that made me excited to try this tea, it was the smell! By the gods, does this tea every smell beautiful!
My brother was amazing and bought this for me because I was short on cash and was so in love with the smell.

Such a gorgeous and robust flavour. While it definitely tastes more of apricots than nectarines, it is love at first sip.
This just might be my new favourite fruit tea.

The blackberry leaves blend so nicely with the apricot, and while the white tea is slightly hidden in the background, it still adds to the flavour very nicely.
Incredibly smooth and fruity without being intrusive on the natural, leafy flavours.

Everyone, this tea. This tea!

Aaron!! You are the BEST!!

Happy Steeping,
Get your butts to DavidsTea and get yourself some of this beauty before it is all gone!


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